Hold Your Heart and Your Head to a Higher Standard

Published on Feb 20th, 2019

by Robert McEvily

Let’s say Wimbledon and Rolex teamed up to fight Manchester United and Deadpool in a no-holds-barred UFC match. Which team would win? (Really?) Okay, what if we’re talking about a tennis match? (Probably an easy call.) A soccer match? (Even easier.) But what if we’re talking about a UK Video Branded Content competition?

The winners might surprise you. (And Elton John might be involved.)

Branded content - for both publishers and creators - is the fastest growing format in advertising right now. Tania made this point last week at VidCon, and since I’m just getting started here at Shareablee, I thought I’d take this opportunity to humblebrag about how I’ve got access to all this amazing data! Like a kid in a candy store! And I’m talking about the full Shareablee suite, not just the UK data!

(Sorry, digressing… totally psyched and excited… moving on…)

As a sports fan, I’m a tad obsessed with stats and highlights, so let me do my thing and show you my favorites from Tania’s presentation:

  • On average, Brits spend a little over an hour and a half each day on social media. (Based on all of 2018.)

  • Video engagement skyrocketed last year on Twitter. It’s up 7757% since 2015. (That’s not a typo! Get in touch - I’ll send you the slide!)

  • It’s cool if people care about your content, but it’s REALLY cool if their caring translates into REAL VALUE for those who funded that content.

  • “If you can’t show it, we don’t know it.” Meaning, if you can’t demonstrate your influence on people, and if you can’t show that you’re at least moving your prospects further down the purchase funnel, what are you really doing?

  • Advertising effectiveness boils down to HOW MANY and HOW GOOD.

With that last point, the HOW MANY is always plain as day. Followers, views, shares, comments; all very clear. The HOW GOOD is what separates the experts from the wannabes.

Joe’s post reached a million randos. Jane’s post reached 1,000 people in-market and ready to purchase. Joe can point to a big number. Jane can show sales lift and ROI. Jane’s an expert. Jane wins. (And Jane uses Shareablee!)

The experts aren’t just data wizards, they’re creatives with a knack for inspiring people, making them happy, keeping them surprised, and - you guessed it - changing hearts and minds.

Oh, and about that Branded Content competition. If you placed your bet on the Manchester United and Deadpool partnership, good call. The top three UK video branded content posts last year were:

  1. Manchester United & Deadpool

  2. John Lewis & Elton John

  3. Wimbledon & Rolex

Sure, it’s usually a good idea to bet on the favorites. But keep in mind: everyone loves an underdog. Hearts and minds, people!

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