Shareablee’s New Ranking Tool Simplifies Branded Content Success

Published on Feb 27th, 2019

Company to Release Advanced Branded Content Measurement Instrument Early Next Week

New York, NY, February 27, 2019 - Shareablee, Inc., whose categorized social media database places social intelligence in the hands of its clients, is launching an advanced branded content measurement tool designed to comprehensively rank BC performance across all industries. The new tool will be available to all Shareablee clients beginning on March 6th.

“Our branded content analysis has consistently shown steady growth, both with posts and with actions,” said Ann Sciandra, Shareablee’s Senior Product Manager. “With this continued growth, we’re really focused on the importance of being able to rank branded content performance across all KPIs."

According to Ms. Sciandra, the new metrics tool will allow Shareablee’s clients to understand the level and impact of branded content across industries in a matter of seconds. Shareablee CEO Tania Yuki added, “With the tool, you can easily see how data trends across any category, so anyone with access can quickly understand performance, and benchmark their branded content success.”

For more info on Shareablee’s advanced branded content measurement tool, please email Rob McEvily (

About Shareablee, Inc.:

Shareablee is the leader in audience-based social media measurement for media publishers, agencies and brands that want to understand the impact and effectiveness of their cross-platform social media campaigns. Launched in 2013, Shareablee empowers brands by providing data that can help them define and drive success on social media by arming them with metrics and predictive analytics which inform powerful best practices. Shareablee is the leading authority on audience intelligence, competitive benchmarking and actionable insights with clients in 15+ countries.

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