Social Media Measurement’s March Madness

Published on Mar 1st, 2019

by Robert McEvily

Happy Friday! And Happy March! (Still gonna be cold here for a while in NYC, but now we’re in the home stretch, thank goodness.) If you’re a college hoops fan (and who isn’t?), you know we’re coming up on that special time of year, when any and every competitive advantage can make the difference between Sweetness, Eliteness, Finality and the Ultimate Championship...

Here at Shareablee, striving for a “Competitive Advantage” is truly part of the company’s DNA. Today wraps my second week on the 19th floor of 123 William Street, and I’m so happy to be here. I’m surrounded by data freaks of the highest order, pros with a level of energy completely off the charts. Collaboration is a key internal metric here, and just like a college or pro sports team, the concept of “WE” being stronger than “I” is really evident.

Over the next few weeks and months, in addition to keeping you up to date on the latest and greatest in our developments, I’m gonna introduce you to the people of Shareablee. The engineering team, the sales pros, the marketing experts, the data wizards, the client success managers, the dictionary mavens, the financial dynamos, the international squad, and some very special guests to be named a little later. (Tease!) You’re gonna love them all. Because YOU are their focus. They’re focused on your needs, and on creating the very best social analytics product available.

I went to Iona, so I’m reppin’. UConn? Please. No chance!

Have a great weekend!

Pictured above, L-R: Prince, Eliana, Vanessa, Rebecca, Alex, Thais and Fernando.

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