Why Social Matters: Becoming Our Own Case Study

Published on Mar 6th, 2019

Hi Everyone, I hope this blog post finds you well and ready for some cool news…

So - as you've heard from me consistently over the years, I believe wholeheartedly that social media matters. I even have the data to prove it, and have built an entire company that services thousands of users each month, around that whole premise.

But - we don't social much ourselves... WTF right?!?!

I mean - we've created some (I think) decent Facebook Live videos over the years, and posted some (I think) valuable rankers and datasets via social. So we're “active.” But we have never truly embraced the notion that I urge all of you to wholly embrace, of the power of becoming a social brand.

Until now, that is.

Yes folks, it's time for Shareablee to eat its own cooking, put its own predictive analytics to work, and become our own case study in why social matters. Because it truly does.

So I'm nervous, and excited - we've never ourselves gotten great at this before. But we have an amazing team, all of the best data, and the commitment from me (my how those C-Levels can be blockers on this social thing, right?).

Our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube accounts are now in hyperdrive, and will remain so. Like you, we are also “testing and learning,” and analyzing our own data, and that of our peer-set, to determine content best practices. We're going to be chronicling our journey on our blog, so please look out for that too. I hope you like what we’re doing, and I welcome your feedback or ideas for what you'd like to see more/less of from us. (And your cute doggie photos, too!)

Please subscribe to our Big 5: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn.

BTW, everyone keeps asking me to re-share a single slide from our “Measuring What Matters in Social Media” webinar; it’s the at-a-glance reminder slide…

There you go. Oh, and one more thing before I go... please save the date if you can - May 3rd, it’s a Friday… we’re SO excited about our very first instructional and networking Summit - INTERACT - which will take place here in NYC. It’ll help you stay current on the latest and greatest in social measurement. You’ll get the inside word on what's actually working for high-performing brands. You’ll stay current on best practices, you can road-test the newest analytics and technology, and you’ll make lots of new friends in the industry. Can't wait!

I’ll have lots more info to share about our INTERACT Summit in the coming weeks; for now, please just save that date! (Friday, May 3rd.)

Thanks for reading!

My Best,

(Follow Tania on Twitter: @taniayuki)

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