Will You Accept This Rose? (The Elusive Influencer Retweet)

Published on Mar 11th, 2019

by Robert McEvily

ABC’s “The Bachelor” airs its big finale tonight. No spoilers here; I haven’t even caught up with last week’s episode yet. It’s a guilty pleasure, and so are the tweets and Instagram stories of comedian David Spade, who has a habit of posting very funny content while The Bachelor airs in the background of his home or hotel room. Just out of curiosity, I went into our PowerRankings tool to compare Spade’s Twitter numbers with Chris Harrison’s, the show’s host, and also with the show itself. First, I tweeted about the stats for January. Then, just now, I tweeted the numbers for February…

Spade made strides last month, topping Harrison in number of tweets, likes and retweets. If he’s looking for bragging rights, Shareablee’s come to the rescue! Not surprisingly, the show’s dedicated Twitter account is far ahead in all categories. But Spade out-dueling Harrison is something he can be proud of…

…and hopefully that elusive Influencer retweet is coming soon for us. Will it come from Spade or Harrison? Or the show itself? We’ll see…


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