Brands Looking to Expand Social Presence in Latin America

Published on Mar 12th, 2019

by Robert McEvily

Very very cool; check this out…

Shareablee just launched Branded Content metrics for Facebook within our platform last week. Our team is excited because for the first time users can see large scale global branded content metrics utilizing Shareablee's dictionary, which breaks down metrics by country and industry roll-ups. Being data freaks, the first thing our team wanted to do was to dig into Shareablee's extensive country roll-ups to see which countries were driving the most branded content posts, and which of those posts were the most engaging.

Our Customer Success Manager Annie Culver presented this data to us last Friday. No one was surprised that the top country was the U.S., which made up more than half of all branded content posts from brand for the first part of 2019 (January 1, 2019 - February 28, 2019). The US has brands like Turner, Walt Disney, the NBA and BuzzFeed, which are delivering not only branded content campaigns that blend seamlessly with their content, but branded content at scale.

Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia and Mexico rounded up the top five countries.

While Mexico only came in fifth, ranked by Total Branded Content Posts on Facebook, what was interesting is that if you actually look at Latin American brands as a group, they rank second to the United States. At Shareablee, we've seen growing interest from brands that are looking to expand their social presence in Latin America.

I asked Annie how brands stack up to Influencers with regards to branded content. “Influencers are posting much less content than brands,” she said. “On average, global brands and publishers have to post 4 branded content posts on Facebook for every 1 branded content post an influencer posts. U.S. brands post even more branded content posts. On average, U.S. brands post 6 posts for every branded content post an influencer posts.” (That would be from January 1 - February 28, 2019.)

Annie continued: “What’s interesting is that even though U.S. and Global brands and publishers are posting significantly more content, their content is not nearly as engaging. Influencers averaged 926 Actions per Post, while brands averaged 632 Actions per Post. These statistics really show the importance of partnering with a quality influencer when choosing your branded content campaign.


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