Nitro Circus Soars Above Its Competition

Published on Mar 19th, 2019

In my never-ending quest to always stay current on What’s What in pop culture and social media, my habit is to check in with my best friend’s nephew as often as possible to get the inside scoop. Daniel has his finger on the pulse of pretty much everything. So I felt pretty embarrassed when he said to me recently, “Are you serious? You’ve never seen Nitro Circus?” I told him I’d heard of Nitro Circus, but admitted, yeah, I’d never actually watched it. “Look, look,” he said; he pulled up a clip on YouTube...

Whoa. Roughly a million subscribers on YouTube alone, tons of cool action... I felt pretty out of it. I’m still getting my feet wet here at Shareablee, using its tools, so I plugged Nitro Circus into our Partnership Explorer Module… and felt even more embarrassed about my ignorance. Turns out the company was part of 2018’s most successful social branded content campaign.

Fans of Nitro Circus don’t just view their content — they like it, comment on it and share it. A lot. And these high levels of engagement haven’t escaped the notice of the industry, and many potential partners.

Co-founded by X Games hero, actor and stunt performer Travis Pastrana, Nitro Circus creates a ton of exciting, original content, including TV specials, movies and digital videos. Its roster of athletes and performers travel the world, performing dazzling live shows to sold-out arenas. Now that Daniel has me watching their content, I’m definitely into it and I’m enjoying it, but NO WAY am I getting on one of those bikes…

(You can check out that #1 tandem dirt bike post HERE on Facebook - super-cool.)

by @robertmcevily
Image Credit: Sport the library

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