Q1 2019 most socially engaging U.S. branded content publishers

Published on Mar 19th, 2019

by Annie Culver NEW YORK, N.Y. (SHAREABLEE) -- Paired with the right partner branded content campaigns can be a powerful tool. They allow advertisers the opportunity to engage and build a relationship with their audience. Using Shareablee's U.S. Media 100 IndexTM, a ranking of the Top U.S. media companies, Shareablee analyzed the top publishers based on total engagements and most engaging content.

Most Engagement on Branded Content Campaigns

The most engaging company in Q1 2019 was the National Basketball Association, with 3.3 million total engagements (Likes, Comments, Shares), followed by the National Football League and WarnerMedia, a division of AT&T. These top three media holding companies made up a staggering 40% of all U.S. branded content engagement.

The National Basketball Association (NBA) worked with over 100 different sponsors in Q1 2019. Their top campaign was with Frost, a Texas-chartered bank, that partnered with the San Antonio Spurs. Their campaign, which featured over 39 posts on Facebook throughout the season, generated over 270 thousand engagements.

Most Engagement on Branded Video Campaigns

It is no surprise that WarnerMedia is the top U.S. Holding Company for branded video in Q1 2019. The company, which includes brands like Bleacher Report, CNN and Turner Sports, was also the top media company for total video actions in Q1 2019. Video makes up 44% of all branded posts on Facebook and 66% of all branded actions.

WarnerMedia's top campaign in Q1 2019 was a partnership between Ellen DeGeneres and Cheerios. The campaign was part of the show's "million acts of good" campaign, which encourages viewers to pay it forward.

Most Engaging Branded Posts

First Media not only had the most engaging media over-all, but one of their campaign posts with ShopRite was the top post among brands and influencers in 2019. ShopRite partnered with First Media's publisher, Blossom, to create a series of life-hack videos. The top post in their campaign, which featured 8 clever ways to declutter your home, generated over 820 thousand engagements.

Other top companies creating engaging content include Being Latino, a media company founded by Puerto Rican entrepreneur Lance Rios, and World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. Being Latino partnered with Wendy's to feature the restaurant chain's new "Biggie Bag," which generated over 19 thousand engagements.

World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. partnered with Snickers for a series of posts on WrestleMania. The top post in the campaign featured WWE's top 10 moments.

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