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Published on Mar 28th, 2019

Mike Myers and Grant Johmann are a big part of our Shareablee Client Success Team; I snapped some shots of them earlier this week for promo purposes. (Looking good, guys!) They were reminding new clients about a handful of cool tools now at their disposal - thought I'd pass it along for your reference and consideration...

Our PowerRankings Feature - so you can quickly see how you rank against your competition. You can ID your brand's wins on social and then forward the data to your boss. (And it covers all KPIs: engagement, shares, actions per post, etc.)

Our Content Explorer Tool - so you can ID high-performing posts and videos, know which ones to boost (and which to never make again), and recognize popular trends so your messaging stands out from the crowd. You can also track the top posts by your competitors.

Our Affinity Tool - so you’ll know with 100% accuracy what else your audience is engaging with on social, and then act upon that info.

Our New Influencer Discovery Tool - so you can easily find and select from over 8 million macro and micro-influencers based on any specific criteria… like, say, audience size, affinity, post content, and lots more. Pick the right people for your purposes.

Our Private Insights Authentication Capability - so you can access and analyze specific and confidential information along with your public facing social data.

Feel free to reach out to Mike and Grant anytime for more info or a full demo.

(And reach out to me anytime too!)


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