A Whole New View on Influence

Published on Jun 6th, 2019

Tania Yuki
Founder & CEO, Shareablee

More than two years ago we started doing a lot more work on influencers, because we started to see so much more growth in this category than in any other we were tracking on social media.

Then, we tracked about thirty thousand influencers, and we were focused on issues understanding trust, authenticity, relevancy. Today, we track over nine million influencers -  and yes, we’re still focused on trust, authenticity, relevancy - and how to distill as much of these going concerns into the numbers we report on about influencers. While no one disputes the scale of this category, there is still a lot of confusion and angst about fake followers, gamed numbers, and lack of transparency around selection.

So we took on the challenge. We have spent over two years analyzing the space, and now track every creator of note, with many more being added (and some subtracted) each day. We considered numerical ways to bake in insights regarding consistency of content creation, engagement and performance, momentum and more, because all of that is too much to take in when doing an initial screen of potentially hundreds or thousands of focused creators.  

It brings us to this week’s launch of our Verify influencer search engine, and I am thrilled to say the response has been overwhelming since we forecast its release date.

Backed by the power of Shareablee’s 800 metrics, Verify gives new, clear, unbiased valuations of an influencers performance. With more than 70 search categories and searches on keywords in posts and bios, there are multiple new, reliable ways to discover and shortlist consistent creators, growing their audience.

That pool of Influencers is over 9 million strong, after two years of research and analysis into who is valid to be classified as a creator, for example posting at least once in a 3 month period or with brand integration in their history.

While some of our clients love as much data as we can produce, others want to make decisions more simply and they will love our new proprietary metric, Shareablee’s Influencer Score.

Available across platforms, the Influencer Score unlocks the hidden value of an Influencer beyond the big follower numbers and vanity metrics.

It can make networks better partners by enabling them to cast a wider net and more easily discover new creators globally making purposeful content for the right audience.

For agencies and brands, Verify enables them to create a shortlist with predictive performance metrics before they apply gut-based reasoning based on look, feel, tone and mood.

There is more to come on influence from Shareablee, Verify is the first product in our Influencer Suite and we hope you’ll reach out to us to learn more, through a demo or a free webinar.

We’re helping shape the future of social by supporting value and integrity in the sector. To those of you waiting for us to go ‘live’, the big moment is here and we hope you will love it as much as we do.


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