Meet the Global Team: Head of Design, Joseph O’Donoghue in Dublin

Published on Jun 18th, 2019

Joseph O’Donoghue, Dublin Head of Design

What’s it like working for Shareablee in Ireland?

I get the best of both worlds, the outdoors lifestyle, friendly people and a business culture with some of the biggest tech companies in Europe. Then I also get to visit HQ in New York fairly regularly to catch up with the team face to face, like for the INTERACT summit in May.


How do you stay connected to the rest of the global team?

With emoticons and plenty of video conferences it's as if they are in the same office, so when people meet in person it's almost a let down. To be serious for a moment, technology and social have made connections easy regardless of where they are and which timezone they’re in.


How hard is explaining data?

The core of my industry is helping people understand information whether it's textual, visual or motion. So finding the medium and message that resonates with the target user is what makes people like me tick. It's never hard, it's an opportunity to be unlocked through collaboration and empathy.


Do you have a client / milestone highlight you can share with us?

Two come to mind: releasing the new .com and first INTERACT summit that more accurately represents our brand and who we are. That was a terrific stepping stone to the new Platform reimagining that is a massive highlight for me.


Name one personal decoration on the office wall.

My work space is designed to maximise creative energy, no dream catchers, more a shrine of items around me that have and do inspired me creatively in the past and in the present. That includes items from a miniature Ecto-1 from the 80s and a replica Delorian to a Poster from the latest Marvel movie.

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