Shareablee at VidCon 2019: Justifying the Spend on Branded Content

Published on Jul 19th, 2019

Tania Yuki
Founder & CEO, Shareablee

In the first half of this year across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, there were a total of 2.3 million video posts by influencers and 3.9 million video posts by US brands.

They are numbers we only expect to grow as this dynamic marketing tool continues to prove its effectiveness across scale and time.

In this market, any publisher, TV network or creator planning a creative pitch, needs a competitive edge to show their audience is unique.

How to use data upfront to differentiate you from the pack, draw on key insights to make advertisers sit up and listen and plan post-campaign measurements to prove ROI were the messages I took to VidCon this year.

Now in its 20th year the annual conference which began as a US based event and has since grown to the UK and Australia.

VidCon doesn’t fit your typical conference mould, but then again an event for online video creators, fans and industry leaders the format was never going to be predictable.

The unexpected moments make VidCon memorable as much as the high level industry sessions. One of the viral posts from this year’s event in Anaheim, California, was a young child who went dressed as an influencer apology video.

These one off viral moments may not have the longevity advertisers are looking for in an industry where consistent, authentic and trusted are the virtues to aim for - but honest and insightful content is valued across platforms.

What I talked about was the answer to the question the C-Suite often asks me, why should I care about branded content?

The first reason is that attention is scarce. Brands in the millions who produce advertisements get partial attention at best. The proven wisdom today is that influencer campaigns may be a harder passage to go down - but the minimum level of entry for engagement.

Looking at the activity (Graph A below), branded video content actions are growing exponentially. There were more than 17.2 billion video actions by Influencers in the first half of this year and 12.1 billion video actions by US brands.