Meet the Global Team: Senior Account Manager, Laurel Dunne in London

Published on Aug 20th, 2019

What’s it like working for Shareablee in London?

The best! Most of my portfolio is based in London or Manchester, so I’m in an ideal location to commute to clients and make sure I have as much face to face time with them as possible. Close to our office is one of London’s oldest and biggest food markets, Borough Market. During my lunch break you’ll find me there stepping between market stalls (and many, many tourists) for a fresh lunch from a local vendor. The choice of cuisine in this city is a reflection of the people who live here – a huge variety, which I love.


How do you stay connected to the rest of the global team?

Quarterly trips to NYC definitely help - it’s a hard life! On a daily basis, I regularly video call my team and use G-Chat. Our departments have weekly calls, so I’m always kept in the loop despite being on the other side of ‘the pond’. I remember when I first joined Shareablee, our CEO Tania asked me to turn on my video and at first I found it awkward as I was a little shy being ‘on camera’. Now I’m the first one to turn it on and wave to my colleagues. Video calls make a huge difference and definitely make me feel like I’m in the room with everyone.


How hard is explaining data?

If done correctly, it’s not hard at all. My training sessions vary from social creative clients at retail brands to business analysts at football clubs. The key is contextualizing data to the person you’re speaking to by knowing what data is important to them and articulating clearly why it’s important to their role. Without doing that, all the numbers can be overwhelming, so it’s my job to help our clients make sense of it all.


Do you have a client / milestone highlight you can share with us?

I have an incredible portfolio of clients. From those relationships, I’ve had wonderful highlights including sitting in a VIP box at a premier league match, to being gifted with clothing from one of my favorite brands. A huge milestone this year was watching my clients Verity Wilson from Mindshare and Beckie Turnbull from PrettyLittleThing speak at our INTERACT Summit in New York. They both spoke so passionately about how Shareablee’s data is integral to their reporting and planning - I felt a lot of pride knowing I played a small part in supporting their success.


Name one personal decoration on the office wall.

I’m rarely at my desk as I’m in between meetings so I would say my desktop wallpaper. It’s a photo of some of my family in Fiji at Bouma Waterfalls in Taveuni. It’s a very fond memory I have and serves two reminders: 1) To stay humble to my roots 2) How powerful social media is. When my Mum was younger, she would write letters to her family in Fiji and rarely make a very expensive phone call. My maternal family may still be on the other side of the world, but thanks to social media, we now have a number of platforms to use to communicate.


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