The Future of the Shareablee Experience

Published on Sep 3rd, 2019

Tania Yuki
Founder & CEO, Shareablee

With data increasingly placed at the center of everyday business decision making, Shareablee is all about supporting that trend and democratizing our products for everyone involved to feel empowered.

We wanted to make sure that anyone from a CEO, to a Head of Marketing, right through to a Researcher could quickly and clearly access deep insights that matter, with visualizations that unpack the nuanced characteristics of an audience.

For a long time you were asking us for more metrics and more numbers. We provide more than 800 of them and our quality is unparalleled anywhere else in market. Once we had satisfied all but the most data obsessed amongst you, the goal became joining the dots quicker for your planning, pitches and post campaign needs. Instead of more social data - marketers and brands were telling us they wanted faster insights into audience and industry trends.

It was a mission I outlined at our INTERACT Summit back in May, and I'm proud to say we recently launched our new platform experience, called Data Explorer. It is a window into our future and a suite of new products to come which do it all - provide the integrity of measurement you choose Shareablee for, with the unmatched functionality of more customizable and visual experience.

Data Explorer unpacks our metrics in a new way to make it easier for marketers and brands to meet their audience where they are most interested and engaged.

Starting with 4 of our products, including our most popular tool Affinity and extending in time to the entire Shareablee suite, Data Explorer takes measurement into a new dimension.

For anyone in ad sales, research, consumer insights or measurement, our re-imagined Affinity empowers you to make fast, informed and impactful decisions that move the needle.

The executive dashboard also includes our new Metrics and Trends tool which enables clear-easily generated images on demand which draw from the depth and granularity of Shareablee's incomparable metrics.

For our valued clients who've already had a couple of preview opportunities before we launched the platform, we have another two webinar sessions coming up in September. Rest assured, if you love our original platform, Shareablee Classic is still operating and is still supported by our Customer Success team.

If you're yet to dive into Shareablee measurement, there's never been a better time to join us. Sophisticated social data needs to be easily accessible to anyone in business and that's our focus - trusted metrics coupled with unrivalled functionality. We can't wait to show you what else we're working on and there will be more news from us later this year.

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