Meet the Global Team: Product Manager, Anqi Liu, New York

Published on Oct 6th, 2019

What’s it like working for Shareablee in New York?

It is the stereotypical New York life you would imagine and I love it. It's fast-paced, fun-packed and addictively challenging! I grew up in Eastern China, in a city about 4 hours from Shanghai so the energy is something I am comfortable with. My favorite place in the city is the Nintendo NYC store, I go there for special events like new game releases or simply to expand my game collectables. 

How do you stay connected to the rest of the global team?

New York is Shareablee's HQ so engagement with the rest of the offices around the world is really well coordinated and we have set meetings to run through issues of the week. Unsurprisingly we use Zoom for longer calls and Slack for regular communication, especially with the development team in Europe.

How hard is explaining data?

Explaining data is not hard, the value comes in finding what part of the data is relevant for a client and helping them make it second nature on a day to day basis. What I enjoy is explaining how the data addresses their pain points and the satisfaction of helping them successfully navigate their challenge. For us it's about giving clients the support they need to be confident enough to roll out custom solutions intuitively.

Do you have a client / milestone highlight you can share with us?

During the past few months, we've delivered multiple exciting data products for clients that analyze data at large scale. It's pulling these products together at scale and listening to clients run with them so enthusiastically that makes you look forward to the next one. Data is not subjective, it's all there in black and white and I love the certainty it provides.

Name one personal decoration on the office wall.

All my colleagues are going to learn this quirk about me now but I have some metal puzzles in my desk drawers that also work as fidget toys. I like to pull them apart and put them back together again. I constantly need to be moving so you could say tech is a good fit for me as a career.



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