Meet the Global Team: Michigan

Published on Nov 10th, 2019


1. What's it like working for Shareablee in Michigan?

Working for Shareablee in Michigan is amazing! I get to experience the calming comfortability of working in my hometown, Ann Arbor, MI, while being a part of the exciting and fast-paced social media measurement industry. I work with my creative and knowledgeable clients and coworkers during the week and cheer for Michigan Wolverine football on the weekends.


2. How do you stay connected to the rest of the global team?

I use video calls as much as possible. I believe conversations are better when you can see a person’s face rather than just hear their voice. I always have my camera on whenever I am speaking with someone from the Shareablee team. It is a much more personal, rewarding and productive experience.


3. How hard is explaining social data?

Explaining data isn’t hard as long as you can understand and describe the story it is telling. Anyone can look at a spread sheet with 5,000 rows and 25 columns and get overwhelmed. As a data analyst, I dive headfirst into the data, extract the important messages and construct a simple story that is relevant to my audience.


4. Do you have a client or milestone highlight you can share with us?

One of my proudest moments at Shareablee is when I created and presented the State of Social Gaming webinar last year. I have a passion for video games, and I love the social data surrounding them as well. Since working at Shareablee, I am now able to combine my passion and career and share that information with the Shareablee community.


5. Name one personal decoration on the office wall.

It’s not on the wall but I always have a Slinky on my desk. I think a Slinky is the best fidget toy. There are infinite ways it can be pulled and stretched, and it makes a cool sound as it compresses back together. When looking at a spreadsheet full of data, I always have a Slinky close by!

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