Why Brands, Media Companies, Publishers and Agencies Need More Insights Than Social Listening

Published on Jan 14th, 2020

Michael Gratz
Director of Sales, Shareablee

Listening is a crucial skill in many aspects of life; from marriage to medicine, education to employment, parenting to politics (arguably for some)… but is it enough? The answer is an emphatic NO if you are a Brand, Media Company, Publisher or Agency interested in gleaning actionable insights from social media data.

Social listening is a valuable exercise for marketers, but it only tells them part of the story. Listening alone allows brands to stay on the pulse of real time conversations – how much are people talking about your brand on a social platform? What are they saying? Is it positive or negative? All important bits of data for customer service or in-the-trenches brand health maintenance purposes (i.e. real time crisis or damage control, pivoting promotional messaging and creative based on real time consumer feedback, etc.).

For more strategic brand growth intelligence, for deeper customer and prospect insights, for more actionable data that leads to a direct impact on business outcomes, brands need more than listening. Enter cross platform social measurement and analytics.

In social media lies a goldmine of information that can generate insights that lead to game changing marketing strategies and sales growth initiatives. But in order to reap the benefits of social media data, sellers and marketers need more than listening tools. Brands need tools that provide them with a holistic view of their social landscape across all major platforms. They need to know how they are performing in comparison to the competition and in context to industry benchmarks. They need to know what specific levers to pull to drive peak engagement (messaging points, creative, platforms, content-type, post length, time of day, day of week, etc.). They need the ability to quantitatively gauge the ROI and effectiveness of their paid and organic content. Ideally, they need all these data meticulously organized and smartly structured in a single, user-friendly platform that generates turn-key automated and custom dashboards. The complete tool kit to help your customers use to win on social goes deeper and wider than listening.

For more information on delving into cross platform social measurement and analytics solutions, send me an email michael.gratz@shareablee.com or visit our product page here.

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