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A chat with Tania Yuki of Shareablee

In early January, ACS released a book, Rockstar Aussie Founders Living in the US, showcasing 26 local tech talents making it in the word’s most competitive market. Here is an excerpt from the book: a chat with Tania Yuki, founder of Shareablee, which produces social media insights and analytics. What got you to where you are? […]

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Get your influencer metrics right

Influencer marketing has become big but to be truly effective marketers need to choose the right people and avoid getting sucked into vanity metrics, warns Tania Yuki of Shareablee. Writing in the February issue of Admap – published today, topic Influencer marketing: beyond the hype – Yuki acknowledges the scale of influencer content. Last year it generated 72% of […]

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Is Your Social Media Measurement Strategy Sustainable and Ethical?

On May 25th, GDPR officially went into effect and overhauled privacy laws with new consumer protections. And while this is an EU law, all cross-border companies gathering and analyzing data must also be compliant. Particularly in the current industry climate, businesses need to be hypervigilant and prepared for what may unleash both greater consumer concern […]

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