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Championship Winning MVP Sees Unusual Drop in Social Engagement

Last week, the National Basketball Association hosted its final championship game, with the Cleveland Cavaliers against the Golden State Warriors. It was an important week for the NBA; Kevin Durant made history, winning his first ever career championship ring as a Golden State Warrior. The entire NBA community were both stunned and excited when Kevin Durant […]

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Using Real-Time Leaderboards: What we can learn from Sunday around the NBA

By Jill James For a sports junkie like me, the DirecTV Mix channels that show eight concurrent sporting events are joyous television viewing. If you get those feelings about social media, it might be time to get a really big TV and set up a real-time leaderboard. What does a leaderboard tell you? Leaderboards can […]

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How Social Engagement Changed during the NBA Finals

by Jack Weinstein The Cleveland Cavaliers may be NBA Champions, but it took an improved performance on the court before they started to overtake the Golden State Warriors on social media. Engagement and Top Posts The Warriors generated 35.6 million total actions (likes, comments and shares) from June 2 to 20, when Game 1 was […]

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