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‘Black Panther,’ ‘Thor’ Win Twitter, Instagram And Facebook, Leave ‘Star Wars’ In The Dust

Superhero movies rely on the strengths of their superhuman leads, but social media success depends on vigilant fans and smart campaigns. To add to Black Panther’s growing list of wins, which includes approaching the $500 million worldwide box office mark, we can now add social media slayer. Black Panther out-socialed even Star Wars: The Last Jedi, and this is for […]

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Why Marvel’s ‘Black Panther’ Looks Like This Year’s ‘Wonder Woman’

By: Tom Huddleston Jr. Source: Fortune.com Marvel’s Black Panther got off to a strong start on Thursday night, setting up the latest Walt Disney superhero film for what could be a record-setting opening weekend. Deadline reports that Black Panther cleared $25.2 million in box-office sales for its run of Thursday night showings a day ahead of the film’s official Friday opening. That’s more […]

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