The State of Social Media in the U.S. 2015

This 36-page e-book will highlight overall growth across social platforms, category winners, top brands and content across each channel.

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What’s in the e-book? 

In 2015, social engagement for the average U.S. brand grew 5% year over year across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Instagram captured a majority of the growth in engagement, increasing by 74% from 23.5 billion actions in 2014 to 40.8 billion in 2015. Followed by Twitter at 29% and Facebook at 8%. 

The 2015 Shareablee Fact Book explores the platforms, categories, brands and content steering the growth of the social web. For marketers, it also unpacks key drivers of engagement.


Table of contents

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Part 1: Overall Growth   Part 3: The Big List  
Part 2: Category Killers   Part 4: Top Content  


Overall Growth of Social Media

The total volume of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram actions (reactions, comments, shares, retweets and likes) grew 35% year over year. The composition has changed significantly, with Instagram growing at the fastest rate and surpassing Facebook in total engagement.

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