Social Best Practices of Sports Brands 2015

This 33-page e-book will highlight overall growth across social platforms, category winners, top brands and content across each channel.

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What’s in the e-book? 

Sports inspires more loyalty than just about anything- except maybe family and religion. Social media has only added to the experience of being a sports fan. It allows us to become part of the conversation about our favorite teams and athletes. We can interact directly with them. We can read game recaps or watch highlight videos.  The social sports experience is only getting better. 

This e-book assesses sports' impact on social media, and vice versa. We'll identify the top brands, break down how they engage audiences and describe how they monetize social not just for themselves, but for their partners.


Table of contents

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Part 1: Sports Brands by the numbers   Part 2: The rise of social vide  
Part 3: Avenues of monetization   Part 4: Key Takeaways  

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