Measuring What Matters 2017

Presented By:
Tania Yuki, Founder & CEO, Shareablee Inc.

Measuring What Matters 2017

Discover True Metrics to Unlock Social Media Measurement & Intelligence

Social media has become one of the most well-established marketing channels, reaching nearly 3.2 Billion monthly users globally and generating 5.7 billion monthly social interactions in just the U.S. alone while accounting for over 10% of overall marketing spend. Although social media spend will increase consistently across all categories, over 60% of marketers are not sure which metrics are key(CMO Survey February 2017). Add to this, our legacy focuses on big, vanity numbers rather than on the true size and value of a brand's social community and it's no wonder it can be tough to truly focus on the strategy and insights that will really move the needle for your business on social.

In this webinar, Shareablee will discuss

  • How to Think About Measurement:

    • 'How Many' Metrics, vs 'How Good' Metrics and what each type can be actionable for in your organization

    • Which Type of Metrics to Focus on to Optimize the Impact and Effectiveness of Social Media (both Organic and Paid)

  • Data-Driven Metrics to Power Content Strategy

    • What types of content do your customers care about and how can you use their true behaviors to create and deliver impactful and relevant campaigns?

  • Social Data for True Consumer Insights

    • What are the audience profiles of your most engaged customers?

    • What don't you know about new, profitable market segments that could transform your business?

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