ATT Retains Top Spot in Shareablees U.S. Media 100 Index for Third Straight Month

Published on Nov 7th, 2018

Shareablee Inc., the global leader in audience-based social media measurement, today announced this year’s October U.S. Media 100 Index ranking of the most socially engaged media holding companies. The Shareablee U.S. Media Index represents a total of 3.5 billion cross-platform actions (post-level reactions, comments, shares, retweets and likes) for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

In October, AT&T topped the ranking for the third straight month after merging with Turner Broadcast, earning 505 million cross platform actions. Disney ranked second with 305.4 million actions and the NBA took the third spot with 304.5 million actions. In the fourth spot, 21st Century Fox had 252.3 million actions while the NFL’s 222.7 million actions earned them the fifth ranked spot.

Other Findings:

  • The NBA gained 171.7 percent in cross platform engagement and 106 percent in shares October. Their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram actions break down to 75.4, 176.8, and 179.3 percent rises respectively during the month.

  • Buzzfeed led the video category with 1.4 billion views, followed by Disney’s 1.3 billion views in second and 21st Century Fox’s 650.3 million views in third.

  • The top ten most engaged American media companies accounted for 65 percent of all engagement across U.S. Media during October.

About Shareablee

Shareablee is the leader in audience-based social media measurement for media publishers, agencies and brands that want to understand the impact and effectiveness of their cross-platform social media campaigns. Launched in 2013, Shareablee empowers brands by providing data that can help them define and drive success on social media by arming them with metrics and predictive analytics that inform powerful best practices. Shareablee is the leading authority on audience intelligence, competitive benchmarking and actionable insights with clients in 15+ countries.


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