CBS the big mover in Shareablee's latest TV Network rankings

Published on Oct 13th, 2019

Tuesday 15 October 2019, New York, NY: New Fall TV programming has seen 5 networks jump up Shareablee's latest US TV Network social media rankings, with CBS the biggest mover over the month.
The ranking of the Top 10 US TV Networks in September shows audiences across Instagram, Facebook and Twitter rose by 20 million over the month to a total of 4.4 billion people.
ESPN retained the top position, increasing its total cross platform actions by more than 25 million and expanding its audience by 1.5 million people. Netflix grew it's audience by almost 4 million over September to secure the second position on the rankings.
CBS jumped 5 places into 9th position with a 41% increase in total actions. It recorded a 27% rise in cross platform video actions, with its largest increase on Twitter at 40%. The leading content for CBS on Instagram and Twitter was video from the Late Late Show with James Corden, while on Facebook, a video from CBS News of a humpback whale garnered almost 200,000 total actions. The top returning Fall TV programs on social for CBS were Blue Bloods Season 10, NCIS Season 17 and Hawaii Five-0 Season 10. 
Fox Sports increased its total actions by 37 % to rise two places and re-enter the Top 10. It's video actions rosing by 24% on the previous month with the end of the MLB season, College Football, the NFL and the Nascar schedule all generating leading content.
Also increasing their video actions in September were ABC, NBC and Fox News, which each rose one place. The top performing program content on ABC was a Facebook video from the View's 23rd Season, which increased its total social property actions by 406% on the preview month. On NBC, Season 5 of Ninja Warrior was the top performer with the program recording a 150% increase in total actions.  
Shareablee CEO Tania Yuki said networks were unlocking new value from even the longest running programs, with The Young and The Restless which debuted in 1973 recording a 100% increase in cross platform actions. 
"The start of the 2019/20 TV season shows the competition for engaged viewers reflected strongly in engagement activity across platforms," Ms Yuki said.
"While web based networks are performing strongly, we're also seeing some of the most established networks in the US generating incredible engagement levels with their audience, Fox News notable recording more than 4 times the category average in the Actions to Fan index," she said.
Shareablee_Ranking_Monthly_TV Networks Ranking_September 2019.jpeg
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