ESPN Continues Dominance of Shareablee’s Social Ranking of US TV Networks

Published on May 14th, 2019

Shareablee Inc, the global leader in audience-based social media measurement, today released its April ranking of the most socially engaged TV networks in the United States.

The Top 10 U.S. TV Network ranking which includes all television shows and main network brand accounts, represents a total of 662.6 million actions in April across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for the Top 10 performers.

Driven by a month of major sporting events including the first full month of MLB, the Masters, the NFL Draft and the College Basketball finals, ESPN increased its actions on the previous month by 25.3 million.

ESPN led the April results with a total of 225.8 million actions and 6.7 million shares for the month, more than 10 times the national average in the shares category. NBC moved two places up the measurement on last month, to rank second overall with 71.1 million actions but led the April rankings on shares at 8.4 million. ABC followed with 58.3 million actions, E! on 52.9 million actions, and HBO rounded out the top 5 with 50.9 million actions.

Click to View: Top 10 U.S. TV Networks April 2019

Other notable results:

  • ESPN increased its video actions by 10.5 million on the previous month
  • HBO jumped 14 places in April to enter the Top 10 rankings with its overall actions up by 39.8 million on its March measurement (19th place) of 11.1 million actions to 50.9 million in April. The result coincides with the final season launch of Game of Thrones.
  • Overall social media actions amongst the Top Ten US Networks increased by 38 million combined, up from 625.9 million in March to 662.6 million actions in April.

Shareablee CEO Tania Yuki said the U.S. TV social ranking provides unprecedented visibility for network brands, media publishers and agencies.

“U.S. TV network engagement grew 6% in April, in the lead up to Fall TV. HBO’s result is a great example of the power of a single compelling content opportunity to reignite a brand platform.” Ms Yuki said.

“ESPN continued to capitalize on its dominance in cable, gaining more than 10 million video actions versus the previous month. The key difference is how these networks use new measurement frameworks to gain clearer optics on the audiences being reached, to better direct their investment, planning and partnerships,” Ms Yuki said.

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