Shareablee Social Scorecard Reveals Top 25 U.S. Social Brands in Q2 2015

Published on Jul 29th, 2015

Leading social media benchmarking and predictive analytics firm, Shareablee Inc ., released the Top 25 Social U.S. Brands in Q2 2015. The ranking reflects a growth of 5.4 percent in social engagement compared to Q1 2015, and a total of 20.1 billion social actions (9.3 billion on Facebook, 806.4 million on Twitter, 10 billion on Instagram).

National Geographic dominates the Top 25 ranking with 383.7 million total actions (likes, comments, shares, retweets, favorites) across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, also ranking #1 on Instagram with 356.1 million actions. WWE ranked #1 on Facebook with 66.5 million total actions, and the NBA is the leading U.S. brand on Twitter with 5.6 million engaged actions. Telemundo saw the largest growth of any brand in the Top 25 compared to Q1 2015 (92 percent) largely driven by Facebook.

Shareablee Social Scorecard Reveals Top 25 U.S. Social Brands in Q2 2015
i Total actions is the sum of all post-level likes, shares, favorites, retweets and comments.
ii Total content is the sum of all posts, tweets and media published by each brand across Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.
iii Actions per post is the average number of actions garnered by each post made to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.
iv Total fans/followers includes fans/followers for all properties under each brand as of June 30, 2015.

*This ranking excludes sports teams, TV shows and celebrities.

The top five performing categories ranked by social media actions across all platforms are:

Entertainment (10.4 billion)

Sports (2.9 billion)

Media Publishing (2.6 billion)

Retail (1.3 billion)

Consumer Packaged Goods (348.5 million)

Other notable findings include:

Posts and tweets containing video increased 2 percent in Q2 over Q1 2015, and drove a 17 percent growth in total social actions.

The fastest growing categories by volume of social media actions were Finance, 30 percent, Media Publishing, 11 percent, Education, 10 percent, and Sports, 10 percent.

The Top 5 Brands on Facebook: WWE (66.5 million actions), NBA (58.1 million actions), Fox News (55.2 million actions), Telemundo (49 million actions), MTV (46.8 million actions)

The Top 5 Brands on Twitter: NBA (5.6 million actions), Bleacher Report (5.2 million actions), BuzzFeed (3.7 million actions), MLB (3.3 million actions), NFL (3.2 million actions)

The Top 5 Brands on Instagram: National Geographic (356.1 million actions), NBA (236 million actions), NFL (67 million actions), Victoria's Secret (65.2 million actions), MLB (57.4 million actions)

In Q2 2015, US brands saw a 119 percent growth in social amplification (sum of shares and retweets) compared to Q1 2015.

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