ShopRite & Blossom, Turner & Buzzfeed atop Shareablee’s New Ad-Branded Video Top-Ten Rankings

Published on Apr 1st, 2020

NEW YORK, NY, September 28, 2018 – Shareablee Inc., the global leader in audience-based social media measurement, is pleased to release 2018’s most socially engaged U.S. branded video publishers on Facebook. The findings reflect more than 2.7 billion views and 26 million actions (post level reactions, shares, comments) in partnership with 16,000 advertisers.

Branded videos comprise 27% of Facebook’s entire branded content space (photos are still 73% of all branded content) – up from only 10% of branded content this time last year. America’s top five publishers generated more than half of all publishers’ total branded video actions and the top 25 accounted for a staggering 83% of all viewer engagement.

“Branded video partnerships are fast becoming the most valuable and engaging way for advertisers to effectively intersect culture,” said Shareablee Founder & CEO Tania Yuki. “Custom content, native videos, stories, and more are proving to be a popular and reliable investment, with over 16,000 advertisers partnering with publishers in the U.S. this year alone.”

The most engaging video publisher so far this year is Buzzfeed Inc.’s Tasty with 6.5 Million total branded video engagements, followed by First Media’s Blossom and Turner Broadcast Systems’ Bleacher Report with 2.6 and 1.7 Million engagements, respectively. So Yummy, another of First Media’s properties, ranked fourth with 1.2 Million engagements followed by Group Nine Media’s, The Dodo.

The top three publisher ranks remain unchanged when measured by branded video views, with Tasty’s 459 Million video views outpace the entire industry more than twofold, as with total actions.

In fourth, with 125 Million video views, is Some Spider Studios’ top namesake in their line of parent & family content publishers on Facebook and Facebook Watch, Scary Mommy.

In addition to Tasty, Buzzfeed-owned publisher Nifty is among the top ranked publishers; listed both for total actions (1.1 Million total actions) and branded video views (110 Million across 54 total videos so far in 2018).

Top slots for video views per post belong to both of First Media’s ranked publishers for garnering top-viewership despite far fewer video totals than other top-tier publishers. Blossom’s mere six branded videos averaged above 29 Million views each, while second place’s So Yummy garnered 6 Million views across just 17 videos.

Blossom’s partnership with advertiser ShopRite produced, “Grill your way through the Summer with these 8 awesome grilling hacks!” – 2018’s most viewed branded video (104 Million views), and the most engaging piece of branded content on social to-date (1.7 Million total actions).

Its compounding reach has helped ShopRite’s team earn the top branded video advertiser ranking with 1.7 Million total actions across just four branded videos in all. Second-ranked Walmart averaged 24 thousand actions per video for a total of 92 thousand actions, while the 40cean’s 656 thousand actions across just three branded videos placed them ranked third on the year.

ShopRite (120 Million video views) and Wal-Mart (86,113,717 video views) are also ranked the first and second ranked advertisers by video views.

10th ranked in advertiser engagement, Kroger, had 50 Million branded video views (40 Million coming from their Some Spider Studios partnership), making them third place in advertiser branded video views.

Similar to ShopRite’s success, sixth ranked Halo Top Creamery, seventh ranked 40cean, and eighth ranked M&M’s U.S.A. have impressively eclipsed 30 Million video views with fewer than six total branded video posts per advertiser.

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Shareablee is the leader in audience-based social media measurement for media publishers, agencies and brands that want to understand the impact and effectiveness of their cross-platform social media campaigns. Launched in 2013, Shareablee empowers brands by providing data that can help them define and drive success on social media by arming them with metrics and predictive analytics that inform powerful best practices. Shareablee is the leading authority on audience intelligence, competitive benchmarking and actionable insights with clients in 15+ countries.


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