Verify: Introducing Comprehensive Global Influencer Search

Published on Jun 5th, 2019

Tania Yuki
Founder & CEO, Shareablee

June 6, 2019 - New York, NY: Shareablee today extended its market lead with the release of a groundbreaking new product called ‘Verify' for deconstructing the global Influencer ecosystem on social.

As marketers increasingly turn to Influencer partnerships to connect with their customers, it is now critical to have a reliable, unbiased way to openly search the full influencer ecosystem across platforms.

Based on over 24 months of research analyzing all the creators in the world, our Verify universe of over 9 million creators represents the valid population of people purposefully creating content for audiences on social media.

Verify’s Influencer Score is a proprietary measurement of an individual influencer that helps brands easily see the relevance, quality, true likeability of creators on social - that can often be hidden behind misleading follower numbers and vanity metrics.  It is the first product in Shareablee’s Influencer Suite as the company moves towards more holistic solutions to champion the integrity of the sector, and unlock its massive, untapped value.

Shareablee CEO Tania Yuki said Verify gives marketers the clearest answers yet to the question “Am I picking the right partner for my brand?”.

We want to shine a bright light on what metrics matter when it comes to selecting, and working with Influencers and Creators - a space that is fast growing, but one that is also shrouded in doubt and uncertainty. This means advertisers can make decisions quickly and with confidence.”

Verify reflects Shareablee’s global leadership values, to help shape social by encouraging  purposeful content and partnerships,” Ms Yuki said.


Industry Reaction to Verify


“Verify is a powerful and very easy to use tool that can help any brand marketer find, evaluate, monitor and succeed in the highly competitive and ever changing world of influencer marketing. With the size of Shareablee’s database and the excellent customer service they provide I couldn’t recommend this more, to anyone and everyone in the industry.

MediaCom’s Douglas Rowan


"We welcome Verify into the marketplace as an exciting new tool that recognizes creators who consistently produce engaging content but might be overlooked in the noise of vanity metrics."

Fullscreen’s Sara Grimaldi


Q & A


Why should Verify exist?

Verify was created to give brands and agencies an objective, definitive, run of the market tool for finding partners within the Influencer ecosystem. It is a new search engine within the world of social that democratizes the growing Influencer trend.

The Influencer sphere can still incorporate a lot of bias, fraudulent behavior and backroom relationships that are not transparent to the end client.

Shareblee’s Verify shines a bright light on what metrics matter when it comes to selecting, and working with, Influencers and Creators so advertisers can make decisions with confidence.


How does it benefit agencies?

While some agencies have thousands of relationships, Verify provides data-savvy agencies with a holistic tool for finding best-fit creators outside of their network, with a catchment of 9 million + influencers globally.

Why 9 million +? Because based on our 24 month assessment of all the creators in the world and how they grow/disappear over time, this represented the valid universe of people purposefully creating content for audiences across platforms.


How does it help creators?

Verify recognises those creators consistently creating engaging and purposeful content and adhering to the principles of brand safety.

For influencers outside of the scope of existing networks and well established agencies, their success engaging and maintaining active followers is given value and a world of partnerships is open to them.


Why is Shareablee the trusted global leader in social data?

Shareablee’s curated data empowers brands to drive success on social.

Monitoring more than 1M global companies and 9M+ influencers, Shareablee has been the leading authority on audience intelligence, competitive benchmarking and actionable insights since 2013.

With clients in 16 countries, Shareablee is the world’s largest system of social performance data for brands and agencies who want to understand the impact of their cross-platform campaigns.

Our partnerships include the Facebook Media Measurement Program, Microsoft Big Data, Comscore Official Data, Bloomberg Data and IRI.

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