Introducing Shareablee Paid Media Detection

As media spend on social continues to grow at an increasing rate year over year, it has become crucial for marketers to be able to distinguish paid media for all industries and competitors. The ability to filter promoted posts allows more accurate analysis for improved content and media planning.

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What is paid media detection?

Shareablee’s Paid Media Detection provides insights into paid social media strategies for media planners, agencies, researchers and social strategists. Powered by Shareablee’s proprietary algorithm, you’ll be able to track paid vs. organic media to more effectively evaluate social content and strategy within your competitive space.

Key Benefits

  • Understand how different brands and industries are implementing paid strategies
  • Identify winning paid strategies to prove value and effectiveness of paid media
  • Be able to more accurately compare your paid and organic strategies against competitive or industry performance performs best. Amplify a social team's branded message and expand a brand's audience to drive ROI.

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