The Shareablee Platform

Social Intelligence at your Fingertips

With Shareablee’s social analytics tools, you’ll understand the type of content your audience engages with and learn how to create it to win on social.

Our platform provides:

Competitive benchmarking Audience Insights Actionable Content Analytics

Competitive Benchmarking

Benchmark your brand’s social performance against the competition
to optimize and improve your campaigns with the Shareablee platform.

  • Competitive Analysis

    We’ll create a custom competitive set for your brand that will allow you to monitor campaigns in real time and compare your performance to competitors.

  • Industry Rankings

    Find out how your brand stacks up against the rest of your industry in our weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual social rankings.

  • Historical Trends

    Review historical social data by analyzing social trends since January 2013. Compare how your brand fared against the competition.



The Shareablee platform allows brands to finally understand who their audiences are and what drives them to engage on social.

  • Unique Audience Identification

    Measure the interactions between brands and consumers down to a person level to identify the unique engagers who comprise your audience.


    Analyze gender, age, values, behaviors and motivations of your audience to compare engagement with your brand vs. the rest of the industry.


    Discover other brands your audience engages to identify cross-promotional opportunities or co-branded partnerships that amplify messaging.


    Monitor your audiences on up to eight social platforms in one place with our third-party measurement tools.


Break down your performance and compare social content strategies with your competitors. 
Use that intelligence to optimize your social campaigns and drive ROI.

  • Content Explorer

    Identify the characteristics of highly-engaging content by social platform, type, action or keywords during different time periods.

  • Social Referrals

    Learn what content drives the most social traffic to your site and your competitors’ sites and learn how to re-create those referrals.

  • Video Views

    See how many views your video posts are generating on Facebook and compare that data to your competitors.

  • Amplification

    Analyze what makes content shareable on Facebook and Twitter to increase your reach and generate more impressions.

  • Audience Loyalty

    Learn how to create the content that will turn your socially-engaged audience into loyal customers and advocates for your brand.

  • Creative Inspiration

    Let data inform your creative process by understanding how your social content strategy impacts results.

Social Video

Video is the future of social media content. Live and 360-degree video are emerging as some of the best ways to engage audiences. Soon, platforms will start to monetize video content and the brands already creating video content will have an advantage over their competitors.


•  Use a tripod and external mic to increase the production quality of your broadcast
•  Make sure you’re in the frame (this sounds obvious but you’d be surprised)
•  Don’t forget to introduce yourself and tell your audience why you’re live
•  Ask your audience to ask questions and answer them to maximize engagement
•  Broadcast for at least 10 minutes to allow new viewers to join you