Shareablee’s PowerRankingsprovides the first true audience-centric metrics set for researchers, brands, agencies, publishers, and marketers to quantify social performance in a holistic cross-platform view.

PowerRankings™ effectively rolls up hundreds of social pages under the companies that own them in a unified, consistent way across all active social platforms. PowerRankings™ provides;

  • Standardized social media performance measurement at the parent company level, creating the first holistic view that enables marketers, agencies, and researchers to evaluate social media audiences like web and TV audiences.
  • Real visibility into your true unique audience across multiple social pages and platforms, and can benchmark against your competition, rather than simply counting “likes” and “followers”,
  • Know whether you’re achieving incremental reach or frequency by cross-posting content on a portfolio of pages or across accounts.

Rank Media Holding Company* Cross-Platform Actions (CP)   Rank Media Holding Company* Cross-Platform Actions (CP)
*Media Holding Company includes all owned, operated and controlled pages of that media holding company. 
**Cross-Platform Actions include all content and post-level reactions, comments, shares, retweets, likes and dislikes.
1 The Walt Disney Company 589.8M   51 The New York Times Company 11.6M
2 AT&T 543.1M   52 FloSports 11.3M
3 National Basketball Association 269M   53 Gray Television Inc. 11.2M
4 Comcast Corporation 174.6M   54 Vox Media 10.2M
5 Fox Corporation 104.4M   55 Gannett Company, Inc. 8.9M
6 WAVE 93.2M   56 Vice Media 8.5M
7 Major League Baseball 87.8M   57 Bustle Digital Group 8.5M
8 Barstool Sports 87.2M   58 Diply 8.4M
9 Major Football League 86M   59 Tastemade Inc. 7.9M
10 World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. 66.9M   60 Penske Media Corporation 7.8M
11 Meredith Corporation 65.5M   61 Washington Post 7.7M
12 Group Nine Media 64.4M   62 America Media, Inc. 7.2M
13 National Hockey League 63.5M   63 Entercom 7.1M
14 Complex Networks 62.9M   64 IAC/InterActiveCorp 6.2M
15 BuzzFeed Inc. 60M   65 Electronic Arts Inc. 6.2M
16 CBS Corporation 59M   66 A&E Networks 5.9M
17 Viacom Inc. 56.5M   67 Alphabet Inc. 5.6M
18 Hearst Corporation 53.4M   68 Graham Holdings Company 5.6M
19 Netflix Inc. 52.6M   69 Emiss Communications 5.2M
20 Ballislife 44.5M   70 Activision Blizzard, Inc. 5M
21 Overtime 44.3M   71 Wenner Media LLC 4.7M
22 Netflix Inc. 43.3M   72 ESSENCE Communications, Inc. 4.6M
23 Advance Publications, Inc. 39.8M   73 News Corp 4.4M
24 Score Media and Gaming Inc. 37M   74 Comicbook.com 4.3M
25 Sinclair Broadcast Group 36.8M   75 Business Insider 4.3M
26 Guff Media 33.3M   76 Jukin Media 4.2M
27 Discovery, Inc. 31.2M   77 AMC Networks Inc 4.1M
28 Oath Inc 27.5M   78 Bonnier Corporation 4.1M
29 Tegna Inc. 27M   79 Playboy Enterprise 4M
30 Jellysmack 25.1M   80 Public Broadcasting Service 3.8M
31 ClutchPoints, Inc. 24.4M   81 Bloomberg L.P. 3.7M
32 First Media 23.8M   82 Forbes, Inc. 3.6M
33 iHeart Media, Inc. 23.4M   83 TIME USA, LLC. 3.4M
34 SLAM Media Inc. 22.9M   84 Amazon 3.3M
35 Tribune Media Company 22.1M   85 Berkshire Hathaway Inc. 2.9M
36 Cox Enterprise, Inc. 21.1M   86 Voice of America 2.9M
37 NexStar 20.1M   87 Dispatch Broadcast Group 2.8M
38 Billboard - Hollywood Reporter Group 19.8M   88 The Young Turks, LLC 2.6M
39 HYPEBEAST 19.4M   89 POPSUGAR Inc. 2.6M
40 The CW Network 17.5M   90 Apartment Therapy LLC 2.4M
41 Ziff Davis, LLC 16.7M   91 New York Media 2.4M
42 The Enthusiast Network TEN 16.7M   92 tronc, Inc. 2.3M
43 Britbart 16.3M   93 Hemisphere Media Group Inc 2.3M
44 Daily Mail and General Trust PLC 15.8M   94 Being Latino 2.3M
45 Genius 15.4M   95 Perform Group USA 2.2M
46 Some Spider Studios 15.4M   96 Politico 2.2M
47 Raycom Media 15M   97 Reiman Publications 2.2M
48 Defy Media 13.3M   98 Thomson Reuters Corporation 2.1M
49 E.W. Scripps 12.8M   99 Refinery29 2.1M
50 Major League Soccer 12M   100 Upworthy 2.1M

Understand performance at company level in PowerRankings™

This unified view uncovers actual insights about what U.S. social audiences care about when it comes to content and advertising, for greater transparency in media planning, content planning, sponsored partnerships and overall monetization and ROI.

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