Shareablee’s PowerRankingsprovides the first true audience-centric metrics set for researchers, brands, agencies, publishers, and marketers to quantify social performance in a holistic cross-platform view.

PowerRankings™ effectively rolls up hundreds of social pages under the companies that own them in a unified, consistent way across all active social platforms. PowerRankings™ provides;

  • Standardized social media performance measurement at the parent company level, creating the first holistic view that enables marketers, agencies, and researchers to evaluate social media audiences like web and TV audiences.
  • Real visibility into your true unique audience across multiple social pages and platforms, and can benchmark against your competition, rather than simply counting “likes” and “followers”,
  • Know whether you’re achieving incremental reach or frequency by cross-posting content on a portfolio of pages or across accounts.

1 Game of Thrones HBO 1,341 2.8M 2.7M 9.7M
2 Grey's Anatomy ABC 536 995K 5.6M 3.5M
3 World of Dance NBC 429 1M 1.6M 1.1M
4 Shadowhunters FreeForm 427 862K 526K 1.8M
5 Supernatural The CW 395 210K 1M 755K
6 E! News E! 378 1.3M 2.7M 12.4M
7 Jane The Virgin The CW 304 355K 824K 543K
8 NCIS CBS 276 88K 1.3M 161K
9 Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists FreeForm 245 664K 1.3M 2.2M
10 RuPaul's Drag Race VH1 235 773K 702K 813K

Understand performance at company level in PowerRankings™

This unified view uncovers actual insights about what U.S. social audiences care about when it comes to content and advertising, for greater transparency in media planning, content planning, sponsored partnerships and overall monetization and ROI.

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