The groundbreaking influencer search engine empowering marketers with data-driven insights to discover the most purposeful social influencers for their customers.

  • Get in-depth insights into an influencer’s performance to make partnership decisions with confidence
  • Verify best-fit creators not by follower size and vanity metrics, but by what matters most: platform readiness and brand safety, audience interests, true engagement, velocity
  • Pinpoint influencers based on their audience affinities to ensure your campaign reaches its target group
  • Draw from a complete universe of more than 9 million influencers globally on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube

Branded Content Metrics

To aid in analyzing branded content performance within PowerRankings, Metrics & Trends.

Providing you a means to

  • Understand the level & impact of branded content across industries in a matter of seconds.
  • Easily see how this data trends across categories.
  • Quickly understand your own branded content performance and benchmark your branded content success.
  • Trend branded content to understand performance over time
  • Compare Branded Content activities and success across industries
  • Rank the top publishers of branded content in PowerRankings™ based on your top KPIs


Find meaningful relationships, hidden connections, and true consumer preferences with Shareablee's Affinity. 

  • Analyze audience behaviors across platforms to know which brands, media and product categories your audience (and your competitors’ audience) care most about for strategic intelligence.
  • Identify the right media and sponsorship partners for your customers and prospects based on the true preferences of consumers you are actively communicating and engaging with.
  • Uncover actual competitive threats based on real behaviors as you discover who your customers and prospects are also spending their time with, among your industry set and new industry entrants and disruptors


Partnership Explorer

Shareablee’s Partnership Explorer is the first product of its kind to give real insights into the branded content landscape, giving your team the upper hand in planning and executing leading campaigns.

  • Identify the right creator and publisher partners for your campaign, to ensure maximum reach, media efficiency and ROI
  • Understand how the competition is allocating their budget and spend across industry verticals to identify new opportunities
  • Measure the impact and effectiveness of each branded content campaign in real-time, from core social KPIs to shifts in behavior, attitudes and consumer sentiment
  • Uncover the real strengths of your active social audience, from the advertiser’s perspective, so you can ensure successful partner pitches
  • Showcase your key metrics and engaging quality of your branded videos, relative to industry benchmarks
  • Gather insights into branded content strategies to understand best practices for pitching, benchmarking performance, and driving ROI with campaigns


Shareablee’s PowerRankingsprovides the first true audience-centric metrics set for researchers, brands, agencies, publishers, and marketers to quantify social performance in a holistic cross-platform view.

PowerRankings™ effectively rolls up hundreds of social pages under the companies that own them in a unified, consistent way across all active social platforms. PowerRankings™ provides;

  • Standardized social media performance measurement at the parent company level, creating the first holistic view that enables marketers, agencies, and researchers to evaluate social media audiences like web and TV audiences.
  • Real visibility into your true unique audience across multiple social pages and platforms, and can benchmark against your competition, rather than simply counting “likes” and “followers”,
  • Know whether you’re achieving incremental reach or frequency by cross-posting content on a portfolio of pages or across accounts.


This groundbreaking feature provides data-driven insights to empower marketers to discover social influencers beyond looking at follower size, but looking at key KPIs that will ensure campaign success.

  • Get in-depth insights into an influencer’s performance based on your campaign KPIs
  • Identify influencers not only by genre, but by post content, audience interest, brand affiliations, audience demographics
  • Find influencers based on their audience affinities to ensure that your campaign is reaching the right audience

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