Measuring Social Media Impact 2018

Published on Dec 4th, 2018

Tania Yuki
Founder & CEO, Shareablee

There are many questions for advertisers in today's social media landscape: What is the value of a social media engagement? How do I optimize for views, reach, impressions, and engagement? How can I be sure that I got what I paid for? As branded content continues growing rapidly, how can publishers, influencers and marketers best wrap their arms around the value that is being created and weave a sustainable future for this native advertising format?

Join us for Shareablee's Measuring Social Media Impact Webinar 2018. where we will shed light on the latest available options for marketers when it comes to Advertising Effectiveness for social media and branded content on social media.

Join us for exclusive analysis around:

  • Measuring what matters in terms of key metrics - likes, clicks, impressions, and traps for all players
  • Brand Lift analysis and behavioral changes in the current era of social networks
  • Attribution and closing the loop - changing attitudes, time spent, and how consumers vote with their wallets

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