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We use big data to help brands and publishers more efficiently dedicate time and resources. This helps maximize the reach and effectiveness of social media campaigns. 

Our platform uses more than 700 metrics to evaluate 400,000+ global brand properties on eight social platforms. 

  • Competitive Benchmarking Understand your team's performance relative to the competition. Evaluate social best practices and audience loyalty. See where you stack up within our Sports Leaderboard and PowerRankingsTM.
  • Audience 
    Target the psychographics of your audience. Learn their values, motivations and behaviors. Understand audiences' cross-platform behavior. Partner with other brands that drive audience engagement.
  • Actionable 
    Best Practices 
    Improve social content strategies by using our proprietary technology. Optimize campaigns by understanding what content performs best. Amplify a social team's branded message and expand a brand's audience to drive ROI.

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