State of Social TV 2018

Blurring the Landscape: Video viewing and Audience Behaviors across TV, OTT and Social Media

As the line continues to blur between TV viewing, mobile viewing and OTT, content creators are faced with new challenges around what to produce, where to distribute, and how to monetize video. Social media engagement and viewing is already an entrenched player when it comes to content discovery and audience retention… but it is also finding important use cases when it comes to longer-format viewing on mobile devices, driving OTT subscriptions, and keeping viewers engaged between seasons.
In this presentation, we examine:

  • Consumer trends by age and gender when it comes to social media engagement and viewing video
  • The impact and practices of key players such as Netflix, Hulu and Amazon when it comes to original scripted programming, and what lies ahead
  • The Future of Advertising in a world of time shifting and audiences trained on commercial free content (integrations, in video purchasing, something else?)


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