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Boost your social ROI

We empower brands with actionable social engagement intelligence.

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Meet Your Advocates

The Social Loyalty™ Platform provides demographic insights into:

  • Who is engaging with your content?
  • New or returning audiences?
  • What do your most loyal customers engage with on the social web?

Gain Competitive Intel

What can you learn from your competitors’ successes (and failures) on the social web?

Our platform reveals the precise posting strategies of your competitors and other aspirational brands online, and sheds light on their most engaged audiences.

Supercharge your Posts

Armed with new information about what engages your own brand advocates, start supercharging your posting strategy.

Our dynamic content recommendations and actionable insights evolve with you, to fuel your continued success.

Features & Benefits

Find Performance Drivers

Discover which kinds of content drive the most engagement for your customers.

Monitor the Competition

Keep an eye on your competitors and any other property that speaks to your audience.

Semantic Content Analysis

We analyze your content based on the context of the platform, category, and brand.

Benchmark Your Presence

Get to know how you perform against your category and competitors.

Interactive Visualizations

Interact with your data to uncover insights never before possible.

Zero Installation

Get up and running without any changes. It's dead simple.

Ready to convert more of your audience into customers?

How it Works

Monitor your social platforms 24/7

Shareablee collects all your social data across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more. We do all the work so you don't have to change a thing.

Analyze content & users

Your social properties are analyzed with a combination of natural-language processing, semantic classification, analytics, category benchmarking, and custom rules.

Provide daily insights & analytics

Insights are updated daily and accessible 24/7 from any browser (PC, tablet and smartphone)— no downloads or software installation necessary.

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Social Loyalty™ Platform provides brands with a data-driven playbook that reveals the evolving rules, ROI factors and motivations of their social media customers – as well as the engaged fans of competitors.

For Agencies

Whether you are posting on behalf of your client or advising on strategy (or both), you can access clear insights to quickly see, explain and act upon:

  • What’s working (for your client as well as their competitors)
  • What’s not working
  • What to do next to make the most impact on social

For Brand Marketers

The real-time social web is ever-evolving, and you need to identify changes in consumers’ behavior and attitudes quickly in order to adjust, and to win. Using our platform you can:

  • Understand advocacy and loyalty of fans
  • See the real drivers of social success
  • Monitor other companies that speak to your audience

For Publishers

Growing and engaging your social audience in this fast-paced landscape means knowing what content works, when, and why. Shareablee analyzes your impact and competitors, so you can:

  • Identify best practices for building your audience engagement
  • Benchmark against your competitors
  • Find optimal tactics to drive social referral