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Shareablee’s Social Scorecards measure the performance of brands on Facebook,
Twitter and Instagram in every major industry. Media and Publishing also include YouTube.
Check out all our rankings to see if your brand made the top 10.

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Shareablee Social Scorecard Top U.S. Shows Overall: January 2017

#PublisherParent CompanyTotal
per Content
Total Video Views
1 SportsCenter ESPN 87M 2,609 33,413 16M
2 The Ellen DeGeneres Show Warner Bros. - Syndicated 42M 525 80,841 196M
3 Pretty Little Liars
25.2M 952 26,468 18M
4 E! News E! 15.7M 3,553 4,424 29M
5 Teen Wolf MTV 15.4M 536 28,758 15M

The Walking Dead

AMC 12.9M 188 68,593 0
7 Shadowhunters Freeform 10.3M 1,359 7,579 6.5M
8 Today Show NBC 9.6M 2,493 3,848 49M
9 The Daily Show Comedy Central 8.5M 447 18,983 125.6M
10 Good Morning America ABC 7.7M 3,256 2,361 163M

Shareablee Social Scorecard January 2017: Publisher Rankings

#PublisherParent CompanyTotal
per Content
Total Audience
1 National Geographic National Geographic Partners 111,519,862 1,062 108,694 132,412,463
2 Bleacher Report Turner Broadcasting System 87,208,079 3,602 24,211 14,298,494
3 Complex Complex Media, Inc.  37,331,507 4,043 9,234 7,052,622
4 Tasty Buzzfeed Inc.  36,745,985 279 131,706 91,126,034
5 USA TODAY Gannett Company 35,359,292 6,177 5,724 14,285,322
6 The Dodo Discovery Communications 29,109,697 1,640 17,750 8,964,731
7 National Geographic Travel National Geographic Partners 28,187,501 724 38,933 22,714,178
8 Hypebeast  Hypebeast Limited 28,038,924 3,976 7,052 7,175,479
9 Buzzfeed Buzzfeed, Inc.  27,681,033 2,531 10,937 17,073,819
10 The Huffington Post AOL, Inc.  25,950,446 3,682 7,048 19,025,721

Shareablee Social Scorecard Top 10 U.S. TV Networks - January 2017

#PublisherParent CompanyVideo ViewsTotal Video ActionsTotal ActionsTotal Audience
1 ABC The Walt Disney Company 1.2B 134M 166M 255M
2 CNN Turner Digital  1B 53.2M 74.4M 94.9M
3 NBC Comcast Corporation  735M 187M 227M 234M
4 Fox News 21st Century Fox 699M 54.2M 116M 52.4M
5 Food Network Scripps Network Interactive 579M 8.5M 10.7M 28.8M
6 WWE World Wrestling Entertainment Inc.  290M 255M 258M 65.7M
7 CBS CBS Corporation  276M 128M 143M 269M
8 Univision  Univision Corporation  259M 63.2M 89.9M 87.6M
9 Fox Sports 21st Century Fox 201M 44.7M 62.3M 61.4M
10 Fox 21st Century Fox 182M 19.2M 31.5M 358M

Shareablee Social Scorecard Top U.S. Sports Media : January 2017

#PublisherParent CompanyVideo ViewsTotal Video ActionsTotal ActionsTotal Audience
1 Bleacher Report Turner Digital  342M 85.8M 139M 30.9M
2 Whistle Sports Whistle Sports 315M 127M 153M 162M
3 Fox Sports Twenty-First Century Fox Inc.  207M 45.1M 63M 64.3M
4 Turner Turner Digital  78.9M 15.6M 23.7M 30.5M
5 TEN: The Enthusiast Network  TEN: The Enthusiast Network  64.6M 8.4M 22.1M 23.7M
6 NBC Sports Comcast Corporation  60.8M 3.7M 13.1M 26M
7 ESPN The Walt Disney Company 57.6M 59.9M 173M 189M
8 CBS Sports CBS Sports 51.9M 4.2M 42.3M 37.1M
9 Time Inc.  Time Inc.  40.4M 8.3M 11.8M 17.4M
10 Univision  Univision Communications.  32.9M 18.3M 20M 3.7M



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