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Download the 2017 State of Social: Beauty to discover consumer insights about the fully connected beauty consumer and influencer while understanding how Social Media influences product purchase and drive revenues.

 Download the Measuring What Matters 2017 Presentation. Despite social media channels reaching nearly 3.2 billion monthly users globally and generating 5.7 billion monthly social interactions in the U.S. alone, over 60% of marketers are not sure which metrics are key(CMO Survey February 2017). Founder and CEO Tania Yuki explains how to think about social data and measurement while keeping a data-driven approach to social media strategy.

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The transparency and depth of the Shareablee data set is crucial in allowing the UNILAD partnership team to accurately represent the brand with accurate insights, there is no question that data integrity is at the heart of what Shareablee does that’s why this partnership makes sense.
Liam Harrington
CEO, Unilad
Last fall, Bustle saw its social engagement increase 14-fold over the last year, to 12.7 million including post-level likes, shares, comments, favorites and retweets. The company attributed the success largely to its social engagement insights and analytics partner Shareablee.
Francis Thai
VP Marketing / Aud Dev, Bustle
With Shareablee's platform and analysis, we can convert data into insights and those insights into actions that help us monetize and engage our audiences at an industry-leading level.
Jim Thompson
VP of Analytics and Audience Development, The Hollywood Reporter and Billboard
Shareablee has been very useful to gain deep insights on our social media performance, and to keep track of what’s working best for our audience and in our space, over time.
Robin Dagostino
Director of Social Media and Digital Entertainment, Comcast
With Shareablee, we have deep insights and analytics into our performance, and best practices in reaching our more than 800 million combined likes and followers around the world.
Melissa Rosenthal
NBA Senior Vice President, Digital Media
Shareablee is an emerging standard for measuring social media engagement across platforms with its third party data, competitive insights and dashboards to streamline reporting. With Shareablee, FOX Sports can demonstrate its place as one of the leaders in social video engagement.
Pam Kelly
VP, Digital Research, FOX Sports Digital
Shareablee is an invaluable tool that tells us in real time how our content is performing across platforms, allowing us to change the outcome of our campaigns predictively, and be more effective.
Meagan James
Senior Manager, Digital Audience Development, PEOPLE and Entertainment Weekly