NBA's EVP of Digital Media Speaking at INTERACT

Published on Mar 21st, 2019

by Robert McEvily

Our event site for the INTERACT Summit is filling up fast. On May 3rd, you'll have the chance to INTERACT with the most creative, ingenious and forward-thinking marketers, influencers, C-suite innovators, researchers and advertising sales leaders from around the globe. You'll get the inside word on what's actually working for high-performing brands. You'll stay current on best practices. And you'll road-test the newest analytics and tech. (Register before April 1st and save big.)

What Our INTERACT Summit Is About:

It's an exclusive one-day gathering of social media’s thought leaders. Join us to hear the latest and greatest in social media measurement, to learn from the experts and to expand your social network. Before machines can learn, before AI can fashion insights from predictive analytics, data must first be collected and aggregated. The INTERACT Summit will help you simplify the complex.

Why It's a Great Idea to Be There:

The aim is to inspire you to bring courage, creativity, and hard-won insights to your company. We all need to cultivate brand resilience in a constantly changing marketplace. We all need a thorough understanding of what the “best in class” social brands do differently than everyone else. And we all need direct access to each other’s intelligence. On hand will be marketing execs, social media experts from brands, publishers & advertising agencies, research & insights leaders, influencers, thought leaders, and creators of wonderful, shareable content.

The Agenda and the Subject Matter:

We’ll feature A-list keynote speakers delivering exclusive content, an up-close & personal fireside chat with Melissa Brenner, the NBA’s EVP of Digital, dedicated breakout workshops, and thoughtful panel discussions featuring brands, agencies and influencers on the following topics:

  • Best-In-Class Brands: How They Do What They Do (They’ll tell us)

  • How National Geographic is Innovating Advertiser ROI

  • Brand Building in a Mobile & Social World (aka “How does modern social behavior impact metrics like authenticity, uniqueness, quality, trust and social responsibility? And how best to be nimble?”)

  • Follow the White Rabbit: New Models for Finding ROI

  • Digital Storytelling and the Branded Content Economy (Measuring Impact and How Branded Content works for Advertisers - and which media companies are driving it)

  • When Creativity Meets Data (Amazing things happen!)

  • Research Ethics and Data Quality (Plus how to sell the maximum amount of products with the least effort)

  • The State of Social Media in 2019

  • Building a Game Changing Direct-To-Consumer Brand (featuring a PrettyLittleThing Case Study)

  • Social Data for Social Good (Because it feels great to do the right thing)

  • Branded Content Success in a Multi-Platform, Social World

  • The Alchemy of Data (Best practices from leading companies who’ll share what they’ve learned making sense of first-party, third-party and “in-between” data sets)

  • Innovating Fandom: How Sports Brands Stay Hungry on Social

  • Future Trends to Keep an Eye On (You might be surprised!)

  • What It Takes to Become a “Direct Brand” and What This Means for Your Social Media Strategy

  • Proving ROI & Advertising Effectiveness on Social Media

  • Social Influence by the Numbers (And the numbers don’t lie)

  • Measuring What Matters (Advertising effectiveness boils down to HOW MANY and HOW GOOD)

  • Plus (Believe It or Not) Lots More!

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