The Social Red Carpet Season Wrap-Up

Published on Mar 9th, 2015

by Kara Lawson

Shareablee conducted an analysis of the red carpet season’s biggest events on Facebook to see which brands, sponsors and advertisers dominated. Surprisingly, many sponsors did not publish any social content for the events they paid to sponsor. For example, at the Oscars, only half of the sponsors had any Facebook activity surrounding The Academy Awards.

As far as sponsors stepping up their social game, the Grammys sponsors dominated with four of the top five social winners on Facebook. We ranked the red carpet seasons’ events based on social engagement on Facebook:

Grammys – 742,603 total actions

Academy Awards – 26,231 total actions

Golden Globes – 7,939 total actions

SAG Awards – 866 total actions

Here are the top five social winners of the January/February red carpet season:


People , a major sponsor of the Grammys, dominated social on Facebook during the event. Not only did the publisher post over 9x more than any other sponsor, it also captured over 530K social actions on Facebook. This is 436% more Facebook actions than the second-best performing sponsor at any of the awards shows. The publisher’s top performing content piece was its post congratulating Carrie Underwood on her win, bringing in nearly 135K Facebook actions.

  1. CoverGirl

The beauty brand’s Grammys performance on Facebook captured nearly 100K total social actions, scoring CoverGirl second place overall in the social red carpet season. The brand’s hashtag campaign #GetThatGlam resounded well with their Facebook audience. The campaign, which was a joint effort with E! Online, analyzed the red carpet makeup looks and posted products that would achieve the same looks for the brand’s social audience, with posts featuring Katy Perry dominating the effort. CoverGirl’s top performing posts featuring the music icon captured a combined 96K total Facebook actions.

  1. Olay

Olay, the second beauty brand to score in the top five sponsors on Facebook, captured a combined 74K total actions on the platform with its #Regenerist product hashtag campaign. One post driving the brand’s social customers to buy the Regenerist product drove up to 73K of these social actions.

  1. MasterCard

The credit card giant’s social activity around its Grammys sponsorship brought in almost 22K social actions. Like CoverGirl, MasterCard’s hashtag campaign, #PricelessSurprises, drove the event’s posts and social activity. The campaign featured a scavenger hunt around LA, with winners receiving Gwen Stefani tickets, as well as tickets to the Grammys. The brand’s top performing Facebook post, a video showcasing the scavenger hunt, captured over 13K total actions, and nearly 1.9 million video views.

  1. Samsung Mobile

The only non-Grammys sponsor to place in the top five, Samsung Mobile’s video post during the Oscars promoting the Galaxy product line brought in nearly 14K of the brand’s total 15K Facebook actions. The video also brought in over 6.6 million views. This is a prime example of a brand expertly integrating its product promotion with its event sponsorship, crafting content that resonates with the Oscars social audience.

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