Facebook’s Top 10 - UK Media Publishers Q3 2017

Published on Oct 24th, 2017

Who’s topping the charts on Facebook?

At Shareablee, we have collated a list of UK’s top performing media publishers on Facebook for the Q3 of 2017.

Continuing to the top the charts on Facebook is UNILAD with over 279 million actions (reactions, comments, shares) on 4,000 posts, an 18.4% increase compared to Q2 2017 when they garnered 236 million actions for a similar number of posts.

UNILAD also have the highest number of video views with a whopping 9 billion. Nearly 264 million actions on video content were generated on the 2,000 videos posted in Q3.

Following shortly behind are The LAD Bible with 246 million total actions across 4,000 posts. Although The LAD Bible has the most UK based fans, UNILAD has the largest Unique Engaged Audience (UEA), Shareablee’s proprietary metric that identifies the number of unique people who engage with a publisher’s content.

UNILAD and The LAD Bible together account for over 22% of the total actions across all UK media publishers on Facebook.

Sports media publishers, climbed up the charts arguably due to the beginning of the Premier league 2017/18 season this quarter. Goal.com went up two ranks to the 3rd position with nearly 60 million total actions. Also toeing the line was The Bleacher Report Football that jumped up into the 6th place in Q3 with 55.6 million total actions as compared to Q2 2017, where it sat in the 8th place with 37 million total actions.

Despite a lower number of total actions than in Q2, news media publishers, Daily Mail and The Independent maintained their 4th and 9th ranks over the two quarters. BBC news, however, fell from its 6th position with total actions falling from 46 million to 38 million. The latter, however, has the highest number of fans in the category at 43.5 million.

Student problems, an online community of University students, also moved down the ladder from 3rd to the 5th place with total actions falling from 67 million to 56 million in the third quarter. However, on the plus side, the community size went up by 17% as the fan-base increased from 4.8 million in Q2 to 5.6 million in Q3.

UNILAD Gaming lost its place on the Facebook Top 10 list to Pretty 52 that came in at the 10th spot with 23 million total actions and 5.3 million Unique Engaged Audience.

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